Definition of baby weight in English:

baby weight

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  • The extra weight gained by a woman during the course of pregnancy, in particular that which remains after she has given birth.

    • ‘she thinks stars who lose their baby weight too quickly are setting an impossible standard for normal mothers’
    • ‘I guess people did say the baby weight would drop off once he started crawling.’
    • ‘Best time to lose the baby weight: within six months of giving birth.’
    • ‘It is normal for baby weight gain to slow around 4 months.’
    • ‘She's a great role model, sticking to sensible eating plans and exercise to lose her baby weight.’
    • ‘I sat all summer waiting for the baby weight to disappear, with everybody telling me that it would.’
    • ‘She is still carrying her baby weight.’
    • ‘We don't need to be told that it would be a great idea to lose that baby weight before getting pregnant again.’
    • ‘I am completely surprised that I have lost all my baby weight.’
    • ‘For many women, the struggle to lose baby weight is so tough that the thought of getting pregnant again depresses them.’
    • ‘I still have about a stone of baby weight left to lose, I know it, and I see it when I look in the mirror.’