Definition of babycino in English:


nounplural noun babycinos

(also babyccino)
  • A drink of hot milk that has been frothed up with pressurized steam, intended for children.

    ‘naturally, all the kids enjoyed their babycinos’
    • ‘Lately we have been going out for walks and coffees and stuff and Finn has been getting babycinos.’
    • ‘Can you tell your flat white from your latte? Your Frappuccino from your babycino?’
    • ‘It is just a cup of milky froth but the babycino has become one of the crucial factors in the battle to win the hearts of Sydney's coffee drinkers.’
    • ‘They offer babycinos with a mini chocolate flake for 50p, and baby changing facilities in most stores.’
    • ‘The food is simple, organic and delicious and most importantly everything is home-made with love - including the babycinos and biscuits.’
    • ‘Just as the 1950s saw the invention of the teenager, now the pre-teen is emerging as a distinct cultural identity. The High Street now offers a type of coffee for this age-range: the babyccino.’



/ˌbābēˈCHēnō/ /ˌbeɪbiˈtʃinoʊ/


1990s blend of baby and cappuccino.