Definition of bacalao in English:



  • Codfish, typically dried or salted, as used in Spanish and Latin American cooking.

    ‘He is back, this time dishing up rustic Italian - bucatini, bacalao, a lemony roast chicken - at the casually hip West Village bistro.’
    • ‘Salt cod, or bacalao, is a speciality across Spain, and reflects earlier times without refrigeration.’
    • ‘At Christmas people eat romeritos, a plant served with sauce and potatoes; bacalao, dried codfish cooked and served in a sauce of tomatoes, olives, and onions; and all sorts of stuffed turkey.’
    • ‘He goes two stalls along, past one where all they sell is bacalao, dry and hanging or tender fillets in salt water, to one where all they sell are olives.’
    • ‘The monkfish is cooked with ground mustard paste and turmeric and the forceful flavours are married with a fish, which reminded me of Spanish bacalao.’
    • ‘The only piscatory enthusiasm I do not share with the Spanish is their devotion to bacalao, dried cod.’
    • ‘You can do a lot of the preparation in advance - make and freeze the bacalao fritters and ham croquettes, for example, and marinate the chorizo and lightly roast the baby peppers.’
    • ‘On Christmas Day we all sat around my grandmother's dinner table and savored the mole and bacalao she prepared.’



/ˌbäkəˈlou/ /ˌbɑkəˈlaʊ/