Definition of baccate in English:



  • 1Botany
    Bearing berries.

    ‘For yuccas, Addicott notes that the baccate (fleshy-fruited) species typically lose more seeds to yucca moth larvae than do the dry-fruited capsular yuccas.’
    • ‘The fruits are ordinarily dehiscent capsules, while some species have baccate fruits or nut-like fruits.’
    • ‘Fruits are occasionally baccate, usually capsular and sometimes winged or lobed, or indehiscent and dry or fleshy.’
    • ‘We are somewhat skeptical of the potential for crosses between baccate species (Y. baccata and Y. madrensis) and capsular species (Y. elata).’
    • ‘Seedling germination was generally rapid in capsular-fruited species, slower in those with baccate fruits; the longest germination time after sowing was 4 months for Mouriri myrtilloides.’
    1. 1.1Of the nature of a berry.



/ˈbaˌkāt/ /ˈbæˌkeɪt/


Mid 19th century from Latin baccatus.