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nounplural noun bacchants, plural noun bacchantes/-ˈkäntēz/ , feminine noun bacchante/-tē/

  • A priest, priestess, or follower of Bacchus.

    ‘the painting shows a bacchante carrying a child’
    • ‘Despite the presence of bacchantes and the references to wine, the bacchanalian aspect of the scene is greatly subdued, reducing the feeling of revelry and recklessness.’
    • ‘Before his return to Paris he had already begun to specialize in the small-scale terracotta statuettes and reliefs of satyrs, bacchantes, and other mythological figures for which he is famous.’
    • ‘On the back of each of the pair of vases is a frieze of dancing bacchantes framed at the sides and bottom by a scroll ornament all in grisaille.’
    • ‘Shiva and Dionysos, albeit a far closer match, also have various nuances and differences in how they interface with bhakti / bacchantes.’
    • ‘Satisfied he is invisible, Pentheus stands happily in the garb of a bacchant.’
    merrymaker, partygoer, party animal, carouser, roisterer, good-time boy, good-time girl, pleasure seeker



/bəˈkänt/ /bəˈkɑnt/ /bəˈkant/ /bəˈkænt/


Late 16th century from French bacchante, from Latin bacchari ‘celebrate the feast of Bacchus’.