Definition of bachelor's buttons in English:

bachelor's buttons

plural noun

treated as singular or plural
  • Any of a number of ornamental plants that bear small double flowers.

    a white flower of the daisy family (Achillea ptarmica, family Compositae)
    a yellow buttercup (Ranunculus acris, family Ranunculaceae)

    ‘Many flowers like bachelor's buttons, violas, calendula, pansies, & roses are edible as well as beautiful.’
    • ‘Many mixes contain common annual flowers, such as bachelor's buttons and cosmos because they are likely to self-sow.’
    • ‘I direct seed bachelor's buttons, bupleurum, bells of Ireland, coreopsis, zinnias, some sunflowers and more.’
    • ‘During warm-weather months, bachelor's buttons, black-eyed Susans, and calendula line the compound's walls.’
    • ‘Those tiny lifeless-looking seeds you hold in your hand - wrinkled washed-out peas, minute flecks of lettuce, smooth bean pellets, feathery ‘parachutes ‘of bachelor's buttons - are alive.’’


bachelor's buttons

/ˈbaCH(ə)lərz ˌbətnz/ /ˈbætʃ(ə)lərz ˌbətnz/