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North American
  • 1A young unmarried woman.

    ‘a photo of each bachelorette accompanies her profile’
    • ‘So I figured there would be lots of attractive, hopefully eligible bachelors and bachelorettes around my age.’
    • ‘I'm still going to check out a couple of the other bachelorettes from my Craigslist ad, though.’
    • ‘In your heart of hearts, you know you don't really care whether what's-his-name gets kicked off the island, or fired, or wins the bachelorette or whatever.’
    • ‘Upon finding out that she was single, the next day there were lots of articles making her out to be a desperate bachelorette, but this woman is no damsel in distress.’
    • ‘I saw a party of bachelors and a party of bachelorettes, presumably from the same wedding, that had rented out two of the San Francisco cable cars for the night.’
    • ‘Do you want to be soon around town with two of Newport's most eligible bachelorettes?’
    • ‘He does and doesn't want to marry as he serially observes his friends' conjugal problems and dallies with three fetching bachelorettes.’
    • ‘Over 30 eligible bachelorettes lined up to take part in the competition.’
    • ‘Well, you are an eligible bachelorette, are you not?’
    • ‘Alright, well, with no further adieu, let's bring out our first eligible bachelorette!’
    • ‘Bachelors are much more socially acceptable than bachelorettes.’
    • ‘Wendy, a married mother of three, oversees Parador Pictures, a thriving Miramax-like movie studio, and Victory, a diehard bachelorette and fashion designer, runs her own clothing company.’
  • 2A small bachelor apartment.

    ‘a bachelorette in a high-rise complex’
    • ‘Watson was the city lawyer assigned for the last six years to the issue of bachelorettes - small rental units for single people.’



/ˌbaCH(ə)ləˈret/ /ˌbætʃ(ə)ləˈrɛt/