Definition of back-burner in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]US
  • Postpone consideration of or action on.

    ‘a planned test of the new ale has been back-burnered’
    • ‘The board back-burnered David's plans for making Chase a global bank.’
    • ‘Given this film's story - being a working mother yourself and baying been at one point a working wife - have you ever felt that pressure to back-burner your own career to deal more with your family?’
    • ‘You could increase your dividend payout, or you could invest in those productivity programs that you've back-burnered for the past couple of years.’
    • ‘It's an appalling admission, but if certain people ask me to do something, and it's not my job or I don't deem it important, it gets back-burnered.’



/ˈbakˌbərnər/ /ˈbækˌbərnər/


1970s from the phrase on the back burner.