Definition of back-fanged in English:



  • (of a snake such as a boomslang) having the rear one or two pairs of teeth modified as fangs, with grooves to conduct the venom.

    Compare with front-fanged

    ‘In back-fanged snakes, a poison gland lies above the teeth and the venom trickles down a groove in the tooth.’
    • ‘The back-fanged snakes are tree-dwelling species seeking birds and free frogs for food.’
    • ‘So, if you should go out in the woods today in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, beware green back-fanged tree snakes.’
    • ‘It is a back-fanged snake with a mild venom that does not result in significant medical symptoms for humans - they are effectively harmless to humans.’
    • ‘Larger non-venomous species may inflict a painful bite, but the back-fanged species possess venoms that are either too weak or produced in too low quantities to be of any danger to humans.’



/ˈbakˌfäNGd/ /ˈbækˌfɑŋd/