Definition of back-projection in English:



  • another term for rear projection

    ‘All my favourites were performed live with incredible big screen back-projection and animation to boot.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, filmmakers who could not afford to film in Washington, D.C., often used a distant shot of a landmark through a window or back-projection through car windows to locate the scene.’
    • ‘Since it was the first time back-projection had been employed at a concert, all the footage is close-up and the viewer never truly sees the scope and grandeur of these shows.’
    • ‘To lessen computational burdens, adaptation and/or back-projection is accomplished in accordance with a time-sharing technique in which orthogonal components are separately processed.’
    • ‘The algorithm was improved by combining filtered back-projection with a modified algebraic reconstruction technique to enhance accuracy and shorten calculation time.’
    • ‘Of course it is not an aeroplane that chases him, but cinema - a back-projection.’



/ˌbakprəˈjekSHən/ /ˌbækprəˈdʒɛkʃən/