Definition of back-to-nature in English:



  • Advocating or relating to reversion to a simpler way of life.

    ‘a back-to-nature lifestyle’
    • ‘Many are rustic with an emphasis on simple living and getting back-to-nature.’
    • ‘Here you live in back-to-nature simplicity in little thatched cottages, with old carved Keralan doors and shutters, sandy terraces shaded by coconut palms, and the constant sound of the sea crashing below.’
    • ‘The holistic, back-to-nature view, apparent in many medical ethics books, imagines that we have become alienated from death and over-reliant on trying to extend life by technological means.’
    • ‘‘We hired nature as our chief architect,’ said George about their minimalist back-to-nature resort in Lakshadweep.’
    • ‘She bid at least a momentary adieu to all that back-to-nature, cross-cultural ornamentation she loves.’
    • ‘But if you're up for a rustic, grassroots back-to-nature fest, then this one's a match.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's evoking a back-to-nature romanticism that's strongly rooted in Western literary tradition.’
    • ‘They many times are the trail mix, back-to-nature crowd who are trusting of all things natural.’
    • ‘Group participation is a peculiarly Chinese characteristic of the back-to-nature movement.’
    • ‘This back-to-nature scheme is one that deserves to be copied wherever clearance sites are not needed for new developments.’
    • ‘It is marketed as a haven for those who enjoy back-to-nature adventures with a wide range of activities offered.’
    • ‘It's cool to see a dog doing that back-to-nature thing, but you really need to keep an eye on him when he gets like that.’
    • ‘A really radical, back-to-nature use for this shop might well be to turn it back into a bakery.’
    • ‘My memories of the late 1960s and early 1970s involve a rampant back-to-nature aesthetic, at least among the artistic hippie-antiwar people whom I associated with.’
    • ‘The anthology shows how the image of the Arctic as a desolate region of pristine nature for scientists and back-to-nature lovers served as an Oriental contrast to thriving cultures in the capitals of Nordic countries.’
    • ‘There are affinities also with the passion at this time for the study of prehistoric mounds and ley lines - part of the hippie back-to-nature ethos that expressed a disenchantment with the sophisticated technology of urban culture.’
    • ‘And for some, it's a much-needed back-to-nature retreat.’
    • ‘For the intrepid traveler, however, it offers an escape into rural Andalucia; a back-to-nature holiday in the unspoilt Grazalema mountains.’
    • ‘There was also, in this era, lots of loose talk about the ‘greening’ of America as part of the back-to-nature movement.’
    • ‘This is not a back-to-nature, left-wing treatise on the human condition - she is careful to present the good and bad of both positions.’



/ˌbaktəˈnāCHər/ /ˌbæktəˈneɪtʃər/