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back down

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phrasal verb

  • Withdraw a claim or assertion in the face of opposition.

    ‘the contenders backed down from their original pledge’
    • ‘They can claim that Sonia backed down in the face of their threats.’
    • ‘The company backed down and withdrew the T-shirt uniform after a public outcry.’
    • ‘On the same day, management backed down, agreeing to withdraw the legal action.’
    • ‘Burton, he added affectionately, ‘never backs down, whether the fight is within his own party or outside it.’’
    • ‘Usually it's the weaker party that needs to save face when backing down from some untenable position.’
    • ‘The Democrats refused to concede on the privatization scheme and the president backed down.’
    • ‘In return, he argues, he has backed down in response to the strong feelings in the party and the public generally.’
    • ‘Unless the management backs down, industrial action is inevitable.’
    • ‘If she backs down from the fight with Washington, that might reassure business interests but disillusion his core supporters.’
    • ‘She makes her opinion known, never backs down and never lets up.’
    • ‘He is not from a family that backs down, even if it means risking one's life.’
    • ‘The president also said he has no intention of backing down from his plan.’
    • ‘Nor will we be intimidated into backing down from something we believe in very strongly.’
    • ‘Friends say she has no intention of backing down, however.’
    • ‘Whether her views were right or wrong are immaterial to this post, and I do admire her for not backing down over what she said when there was probably a lot of pressure being put on her to do so.’
    • ‘You don't win a record eight Olympic medals by backing down.’
    • ‘While both countries are expressing a desire for peace, neither side is showing signs of backing down.’
    • ‘We would hope that the revolt in his party will make the Minister see sense, but personally I can't see him backing down.’
    • ‘Last night there was no sign of the 17-member Police Authority or its Chief Constable backing down from its stand.’
    • ‘However, neither the French nor Austrian governments showed any sign of backing down from their proposals.’
    give in, concede defeat, surrender, yield, submit, climb down, concede, reconsider
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