Definition of back fat in English:

back fat


  • Fat on the back of a meat-producing animal.

    ‘The specs call for moderate muscling and moderate back fat, not the ultra-lean genetics some breeders are promoting.’
    • ‘The best grade is a 260-pound pig with an inch of back fat and 48% to 50% lean.’
    • ‘The butcher had conveniently cubed all of the meat suitable for sausages, and the addition of some back fat, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs was all that was needed.’
    • ‘The hunters would set a campfire or a temporary camp to share the ‘goodies’ - tongue, liver, kidneys and back fat.’
    • ‘A further discovery is that some abattoirs strip the back fat off the carcass before weighing it and this is definitely not an approved practice.’


back fat

/bak fat/ /bæk fæt/