Definition of back room in English:

back room

Pronunciation /ˈˌbæk ˈrum/


  • A place where secret, administrative, or supporting work is done.

    ‘corporate executives are striking deals in back rooms’
    • ‘back-room strategists’
    • ‘He is currently assistant-boss and Academy head coach at the Super League giants and will continue to be on the back-room staff at Headingley next year, but he emphasised his focus after this season will be as Knights boss.’
    • ‘When he coached Gloucester, with a big budget, there seemed to be an incoherence, odd selections, and a Gallic clannishness among hordes of Frenchmen he brought in as his back-room staff.’
    • ‘His ambition to succeed, however, occasionally caused discontent with his back-room staff.’
    • ‘From the chairman, down to the players and the back-room staff, everyone works exceptionally hard.’
    • ‘There has been a back-room deal cut where everyone agrees to cut education and not talk much about it.’
    • ‘New York remains the home of the back-room deal.’
    • ‘The back-room deals keep getting made, and the protesters are ignored.’
    • ‘But other observers wonder if a back-room deal was struck by the two men and, if so, what it means for them.’
    • ‘The office provides back-room support for homebuyers across Britain.’
    • ‘We should not do a back-room deal after all the select committee's deliberations and considerations said no to interactive gambling.’
    • ‘At first we're suspicious - it smacks of mass-market, assembly-line ice-cream capitalism, rather than the back-room artisan vibe we've come to prefer - but their stuff is superb.’
    • ‘In effect, Canada's top judges have become the supreme rulers of the land, and that has turned the [Supreme Court justice] selection process into a back-room brawl between competing interests.’
    • ‘‘You could argue that by legalising such altruistic transplants you take the pressure off the back-room use of money for securing organ transplants,’ he said.’
    • ‘For those interested in their family history, the volume could be even more fascinating, for its hand-written captions give many full names, identifying the back-room heroes of the war effort.’
    • ‘And I think that you've got to have the kind of leadership on the ground that can do the back-room negotiations to produce a consensus to move toward that.’
    • ‘An overhaul was badly needed for the home side, and their back-room team took advantage of the changeover to ring the changes.’
    • ‘So too are the back-room people, who must take a share of the credit for the victory.’
    • ‘It will also give you the ability to clear your back-room inventory shelves of much of what's capturing your working capitol.’
    • ‘We went around the country to report on how closed-door, back-room deals in Washington were costing ordinary workers and taxpayers their livelihood and security.’
    • ‘I think something that is so sensitive as migration policy and so complicated, we really don't want to be negotiated in back-room deals by trade officials.’
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