Definition of back rub in English:

back rub


  • A brief massage of a person’s back and shoulders.

    ‘giving her a back rub was therapeutic for him as well’
    • ‘He's always ready to give his wife a foot rub or a back rub.’
    • ‘Visit one of the increasingly popular airport spas, which offer everything from five-minute back rubs to manicures.’
    • ‘The benefits of massage and back rubs are said to include a decrease in pain, relaxation, and improvement in circulation.’
    • ‘Establish a bedtime routine of relaxing activities, such as listening to soft music or giving your loved one a back rub.’
    • ‘In spite of the discrepant results, massage and back rubs are examples of touching by caregivers that is perceived as communicating care and concern.’
    • ‘Sasha was giving him a back rub and he was trying to do his homework.’
    • ‘Gentle stomach or back rubs may also help to relieve colic, as can a warm bath.’
    • ‘Day in and day out, the therapists gave back rubs and applied hot packs to people who were perfectly healthy, except that their backs were killing them.’
    • ‘If you're just getting to know one another, a back rub is a perfect way to increase the intimacy level.’