Definition of backbench in English:


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  • (in the UK) denoting or relating to a Member of Parliament who does not hold office in the government or opposition and who sits behind the front benches in the House of Commons.

    ‘a revolt by backbench MPs’
    • ‘He is the undisputed backbench champion of the well-publicized empty gesture.’
    • ‘The whip passes on to the party leadership the opinions of backbench members.’
    • ‘Backbench dissidents feared for their political future due to the cavalier actions of some ministers.’
    • ‘He appealed to the backbench country gentlemen, whose prejudices he shared.’
    • ‘Not one backbench Labour MP spoke in the government's support.’



/ˈbakˌben(t)SH/ /ˈbækˌbɛn(t)ʃ/