Definition of backcourt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbakˌkôrt/ /ˈbækˌkɔrt/


  • 1(in tennis, basketball, and similar games) the part of each side of the court nearest the back wall or back boundary line.

    ‘She clinched the set when her opponent hit long from the backcourt.’
    • ‘He corrected the way I was running, the way I was picking up the ball, and the way I was throwing it to the other ball boy in the backcourt.’
    • ‘Still, another scorer in the backcourt wouldn't hurt.’
    • ‘The backcourt, left open for most of the game, was a combined 6 of 22 from the field for 23 points.’
    • ‘They could stand to be a little deeper in the backcourt.’
    • ‘And with PG Mateen Cleaves straggling, they could use a veteran in the backcourt behind PG Chucky Atkins.’
    1. 1.1The defensive players in a basketball team.
      ‘The two players combined to form, to me, the best backcourt in the game at the time.’
      • ‘They finished the half without any assists from their backcourt.’
      • ‘He'll be backed by one of the nation's finest backcourts.’
      • ‘We caused all kinds of trouble for opposing backcourts.’
      • ‘But the backcourt is loaded with versatility and potential.’
      • ‘Luis Flores once was stuck - stuck behind a backcourt tandem of Todd Billet and Dahntay Jones that had brought Rutgers the tag of ‘team on the rise.’’