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  • An act of backing down.

    ‘ministers have avoided sounding triumphal about the association's backdown’
    • ‘The end result is a complete backdown: his regular column in the paper's Metro section will be reinstated and he's also been offered a wider role writing for other parts of the paper.’
    • ‘Labor says the Prime Minister's been forced into an embarrassing backdown, labelling it a victory for commonsense.’
    • ‘After Saturday's first public sign of a backdown, the director has confirmed that talks have resumed.’
    • ‘This is not a backdown or any of that stuff; it's a clarification of the position.’
    • ‘It's unquestionably a backdown from full legalisation - but its also unquestionably an improvement all the same.’
    • ‘I'd expect a partial backdown on the university attack in the face of unanimous opposition by the Vice-Chancellors.’
    • ‘It is a very big step and a humiliating backdown.’
    • ‘What is the Commission doing now that its backdown on disclosure was being strongly questioned by independent legal experts?’
    • ‘A backdown would pose a dilemma for at least two Democrats senators.’
    • ‘He described the backdown as a step in the right direction.’
    • ‘A number of last year's announced policies were followed by public outrage and a government backdown.’
    • ‘The union backdown came only days after leading officials reaffirmed they would never agree to the plan to axe more that 3,500 jobs - almost 20 percent of the company's workforce.’
    • ‘The backdown followed a series of protests by people in rural and regional communities.’
    • ‘The backdown provoked an immediate angry reaction from employers.’
    • ‘The union backdown followed a December 13 ruling by the High Court that the strike was illegal.’
    • ‘Port workers in Madras who spoke to our reporters were angry at the union backdown.’
    • ‘Does this backdown demonstrate a newfound respect for our liberties?’
    • ‘It was a dramatic and embarrassing backdown for the Defence Department Secretary.’
    • ‘Today's backdown is a vote of no-confidence in the Employment Advocate by his new minister.’
    • ‘The company is refusing to negotiate, with one executive telling the Washington Post that if it made any backdown, ‘our shareholders will be angry’.’
    climbdown, backdown, retraction, concession, about-face, U-turn, rowback



/ˈbakdoun/ /ˈbækdaʊn/