Definition of background music in English:

background music


  • Music intended as an unobtrusive accompaniment to some activity, such as dining in a restaurant, or to provide atmosphere in a movie.

    ‘Though he has won an award in the first film in which he scored music as well as background music, it had been a patient wait for him.’
    • ‘He seems to treat the game as background music, mere accompaniment for his solo.’
    • ‘There was no background music and film songs were strictly barred.’
    • ‘The finest cuisine was offered, complemented by soft background music by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.’
    • ‘The pervasive background music tries to provide emotion, and the costume design tries to supply character.’
    • ‘His job was to provide background music while people talked, drank, and ate.’
    • ‘Surely the ballet's creators wanted this music to set the scene, not to be used as background music.’
    • ‘There was always background music in my dreams, and background music in my life really.’
    • ‘We would then have our pianist pick his own background music and start to play somewhere in the skit.’
    • ‘This is not background music, or even imaginary soundtrack music: you need to listen.’
    • ‘Have the right lights and soft background music to have the greatest impact.’
    • ‘Using background music or sounds, unless you're selling music, is probably a bad idea.’
    • ‘The background music was funky jazz, just right for a Saturday lunchtime.’
    • ‘Your recent works are known for the harmonious rapport with background music.’
    • ‘The background music for the evening was provided by hundreds of birds that had come to rest in the trees dotting the campus.’
    • ‘The background music is played at an unobtrusive level and there is little or no traffic noise to disturb you.’
    • ‘Bizarrely enough, an odd little comic tune plays as background music.’
    • ‘If I had to suggest a downside to the Patio, it would have to be the choice of tunes masquerading as background music.’
    • ‘When they got there, she heard the band ending a song, and background music started playing.’
    • ‘He's certainly not background music and the lyrics clearly enunciated in his Dublin accent cannot be ignored.’


background music

/ˈbakˌɡround ˈmyo͞ozik/ /ˈbækˌɡraʊnd ˈmjuzɪk/