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  • An outdoor area in a movie studio where large exterior sets are made and some outside scenes are filmed.

    ‘Despite the fact the film is entirely shot on the studio's backlot in Hollywood, it even manages to convey a European flavour.’
    • ‘In a film genre simply awash with studio backlots and blue screen trickery, this film has its own distinctive look.’
    • ‘If you can manage to avoid obsessing on the obvious sets and studio backlots, and the sometimes ill-advised camera maneuvers, and pay attention to the acting and writing, then you won't be disappointed.’
    • ‘Instead, she winds up in one of those squeaky clean, multicultural turn-of-the-century New York neighborhoods that only existed, so far as we know, on studio backlots.’
    • ‘These amazing sequences appear to be a seamless combination of miniature sets, superimposed floodwaters, and cutaways to stuntmen floundering on the backlot under a rushing wall of water at least nine feet high.’
    • ‘The chase scene, and her sped-up sprint through a backlot in hoop skirt and bloomers, are pure slapstick.’
    • ‘He had a 44-year run in this business, building a reputation as one of the best production designers to have ever walked a backlot.’
    • ‘It turns Italy into a backlot and its history into a punchline.’
    • ‘She's here to earn her designated parking space at the studio backlot.’
    • ‘Besides that, there was an actual forest that was transplanted to the backlot so when we burned the forest, we really burned a forest.’
    • ‘Around this time there was a silent short involving midgets frolicking on a backlot.’
    • ‘The trail has tended in the past to lead from the Broadway stage to the Hollywood backlot.’
    • ‘The difference these days's that it's not shot on the backlot and this is a real travelogue as well, with south-east Asia looking spectacular.’
    • ‘Here's a relatively big budget put to good use, with some atmospheric location shooting instead of the standard backlots and backdrops.’
    • ‘Filming the movie on location in New York and San Francisco and on an elaborate backlot in Los Angeles adds a verisimilitude that the filmmakers hope will offer a different kind of power.’
    • ‘Nathan, Rudy, Natalie and I hung out at the backlot.’
    • ‘A ship inside the backlot is a near full-sized model of the Manuia berthed at nearby Miramar wharf.’
    • ‘We got lost finding our way back to the limo, and ended up on the backlot again, where we walked past one of the costume departments.’
    • ‘Extensive sets were also constructed, both on location and on the Culver City backlot.’
    • ‘The $200-million project would be the first production backlot built in Los Angeles in a quarter century.’



/ˈbaklät/ /ˈbæklɑt/