Definition of backseat driver in English:

backseat driver


  • 1 informal A passenger in a car who gives the driver unwanted advice.

    • ‘I'm a terrible back-seat driver’
    • ‘I would need a sound proof partition for my passengers, though - I can't stand back seat drivers.’
    • ‘I can't stand back-seat drivers… even worse, passenger-seat drivers.’
    1. 1.1A person who is eager to advise without responsibility.
      ‘there are still a lot of backseat drivers talking about the power of hindsight’
      • ‘‘I'll be in the driving seat because it's the only seat to be in,’ he answered a conference delegate who pointedly asked what the candidates thought of back-seat drivers.’
      • ‘She failed to appreciate that the term ‘back-seat driver’, in most people's eyes, was pejorative: she thought it merely indicated helpfulness, whereas others saw it as meddling and controlling.’
      • ‘After all, remember how he once described critics as back-seat drivers facing the wrong way, and certainly critics are usually pretty good on the past, moderately good on the present, and helpless and hopeless for the future.’
      • ‘He was also plagued by advisers, officials and politicians, in Delhi who were not just back-seat drivers but wanted to take over the steering wheel themselves.’
      • ‘He is deluged with advice from back-seat drivers.’


backseat driver

/ˌbaksēt ˈdrīvər/ /ˌbæksit ˈdraɪvər/