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(also backwards-compatible)
  • (of computer hardware or software) able to be used with an older piece of hardware or software without special adaptation or modification.

    ‘The new specification is backward-compatible with FireWire 400, though it will need a special adapter to connect.’
    • ‘All of the major tape suppliers have committed to standards and backward-compatible roadmaps that will ensure devices and software will be available that can read the tapes that are created today.’
    • ‘Technically the only thing harder than making a new optical storage device is making it backward-compatible with something else.’
    • ‘Storage customers understand that pure speed and the latest features are worth little if these new technologies are too difficult to implement or are not backward-compatible with legacy products.’
    • ‘Even if there wasn't the demand for games to be backwards-compatible, it sends out a strong message: ‘We don't care about Japan’.’
    • ‘We do make every attempt to fix security vulnerabilities as soon as possible, but some problems are harder than others to address, and harder to address in such a way that the fix is backwards-compatible.’
    • ‘So, until such time as they can field a backwards-compatible fix, they're going to hope no one else discovers it.’
    • ‘We announced 12 more we're going to put up on the cluster of satellites where all the other services are, thus making it backward-compatible to our installed base.’
    • ‘Be backward-compatible with all existing user-defined classes and extension objects that emulate sequences and mappings.’
    • ‘Each new standard has been fully backward-compatible.’
    • ‘While all these standards are backward-compatible, your speed will be that of the slowest component.’
    • ‘It doesn't try to do everything - just the most important - and its backward-compatible language and scalable format give us net-centric value at a reasonable cost.’
    • ‘A book is guaranteed to be backwards-compatible.’
    • ‘Is it important that your documents be backward-compatible with older or specialized browsing environments?’
    • ‘The handheld is also backward-compatible with approximately 1,000 games released for the 14-year-old platform.’



/ˌbakwərdkəmˈpadəb(ə)l/ /ˌbækwərdkəmˈpædəb(ə)l/