Definition of bacne in English:



(also backne)
  • Acne on the skin of a person's back.

    • ‘if you have a severe case of bacne, it's worth consulting a dermatologist’
    • ‘It was often between 105 and 110 degrees, and the copious sweat spawned yet more bacne.’
    • ‘Want to banish bacne (breakouts on your back and shoulders) this season?’
    • ‘Bacne is an issue that people put up with all year, but it can seem so much worse in the summer.’
    • ‘I used to get bacne in the shape of an X on my back from carrying my golf bag every day.’
    • ‘Bacne is not something that's going to go away on its own.’
    • ‘Is stubborn bacne stopping you from wearing that yellow backless dress?’



/ˈbaknē/ /ˈbækni/


1990s blend of back and acne.