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  • 1Cured meat from the sides and belly of a pig, having distinct strips of fat and typically served in thin slices.

    ‘crisp rashers of bacon’
    • ‘a bacon sandwich’
    1. 1.1Cured meat from the back of a pig.



/ˈbāk(ə)n/ /ˈbeɪk(ə)n/


    bring home the bacon
    • 1Supply material provision or support; earn a living.

      • ‘I have to go to work because it brings home the bacon’
      • ‘But it isn't the only recent movie to measure its maker's personal losses against the lasting achievements of his dad - the one who brought home the bacon and the pain.’
      • ‘A former pig farmer proved that there is more than one way of bringing home the bacon when he changed his career to the graphics industry.’
      • ‘She is an anachronistic caricature - from a time when mothers stayed home baking while fathers brought home the bacon - who seems out of place in this day and age.’
      • ‘That translated into high productivity growth, which has brought home the bacon, basically, for the Australian economy.’
      • ‘If a couple wants to live along entirely traditional lines, that's fine with me, just as it is if the man stays home while his spouse brings home the bacon.’
      • ‘It is his steady investment in companies that are building the next generation Internet infrastructure technology that has been bringing home the bacon and a lot more.’
      • ‘Men were providers, hunter gatherer types, strong personalities, fixing stuff, bringing home the bacon and sometimes the whole pig too.’
      • ‘A mother or father who is already suffering an agonising death from cancer, worrying themselves sick about what will happen to their family, when there is no one left to bring home the bacon.’
      • ‘Anyway his wife doesn't have a job, nevermind a career… of course this guy is worried, he has to bring home the bacon after all.’
      • ‘Mommy still needs to be gainfully employed so that she can bring home the bacon.’
    • 2Achieve success.

      • ‘you don't have to be in a high-tech industry to bring home the bacon’
      • ‘In this respect your escape has been a public relations victory, you've brought home the bacon, your critics have taken a roasting - and you've made a lot of headline writers happy.’
      • ‘The former actor-turned-writer has certainly brought home the bacon in his play!’
      • ‘A local porker brought home the bacon when she trotted off with a national title at an agricultural show.’
      • ‘He brings home the bacon in his outrageously over-the-top performance, an electric storm that puts the shock into rock'n'roll.’
      • ‘Sven's heroes can look forward to a potential tie against the boys from Brazil after bringing home the bacon against Denmark today.’
      • ‘After all, this was supposed to be England's best chance in 40 years of bringing home the bacon.’
      • ‘But, in an election year, when there's so much pressure to bring home the bacon, you see it a lot more often, Lou.’
      • ‘Millions of football fans are hoping England will bring home the bacon in their second-round World Cup match against Denmark today.’
      • ‘Second was held by Josh and Jake brought home the bacon with a first-place win.’
      • ‘He definitely brought home the bacon as the final act, leaving the audience rolling.’
    save someone's bacon
    • Rescue someone from danger or difficulty.

      ‘only hard braking and a quick turn on to the hard shoulder saved our bacon’
      • ‘Both teams had chances to win the game but crucial defensive work by John Lee and Keith Kilkenny saved Galway's bacon.’
      • ‘By Wednesday, the player, or at least his advisers, were having a go at presenting him as the man who had intervened to save the nation's bacon.’
      • ‘Members opposite will say absolutely anything to save their political bacon.’
      • ‘His father, a former partisan commander, saved his bacon.’
      • ‘For once, a movie actually saves the novelist's bacon.’
      • ‘Bishop's response is exactly what Johnston wants: he hopes information technology will save the company's bacon.’
      • ‘Huddersfield's was the last game to finish - but they could not find the equaliser that would have saved their bacon at Palace's expense.’
      • ‘"Having those irrigated fields in Maine has really saved our bacon over the past few years, as we've had to deal with repeated droughts."’
      • ‘Nobody likes backing up, but one day, it'll save your bacon.’
      • ‘The gallant understudy, who saved the company's bacon by taking over the role of Goneril, has been denied the reviews that might have done her career the world of good.’


Middle English from Old French, from a Germanic word meaning ‘ham, flitch’; related to back.