Definition of bacterial in English:


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  • Relating to or caused by bacteria.

    ‘a bacterial infection’
    • ‘Energy from the grain apparently helps complete the conversion of nitrate to bacterial protein in the rumen.’
    • ‘Topsoil pH values of 6.5–7.5 are ideal for bacterial nitrogen fixation.’
    • ‘Bacterial contamination is very common.’
    • ‘Insects may transmit viral or bacterial diseases, or they may injure plants, providing entry points for pathogens.’
    • ‘Development of bacterial blight is promoted by cool, wet weather.’
    • ‘It's a natural, bacterial toxin used by organic farmers for years.’
    • ‘Cultured butter has active bacterial cultures added to it, just like yogurt.’
    • ‘The human bacterial pathogen C. jejuni was present in 42 percent of the samples.’
    • ‘I now believe that the bacterial flora of my stomach and colon has changed irrevocably, for the worst.’
    • ‘They couldn't decide if the infection was bacterial or yeast.’



/bakˈtirēəl/ /bækˈtɪriəl/