Definition of bacteriologic in English:


Pronunciation /-jik/


See bacteriological

‘Apical thickening must also be distinguished from mesothelioma and tuberculosis, which may be suggested by history and bacteriologic findings.’
  • ‘Laboratory tests include microscopic examination of a peripheral blood smear, appropriate cultures and specific chemical, bacteriologic and viral studies, and serologic testing for collagen vascular disease.’
  • ‘The bacteriologic strategy has been used to guide decisions about whether to start antibiotic therapy, which pathogens are responsible for infection, which antimicrobial agents to use, and whether to continue therapy.’
  • ‘The reports of the postmortem examinations, including bacteriologic and toxicologic studies, were reviewed, and the microscopic slides, autopsy x-ray films, and photographs were studied.’
  • ‘It is good practice, and a requirement of some regulatory and accrediting agencies, to keep a log of all specimens collected, including the time of collection and, in the case of bacteriologic specimens, the source of the specimen.’