Definition of bacteriostat in English:



  • A substance that prevents the multiplying of bacteria without destroying them.

    ‘Application of insufficient amount of bacteriostat reduces the effectiveness of the water treatment.’
    • ‘A natural fungicide and bacteriostat, it also helps in the healing of wounds and reduces skin irritation.’
    • ‘The toner serves as a bacteriostat and the conditioners have a high amount of natural vitamins A, D, and E which are very good for healing.’
    • ‘The EPA classifies public health antimicrobials as bacteriostats, sanitizers, disinfectants and sterilizers based on how effective they are in destroying microorganisms.’
    • ‘Antimicrobials are commonly called disinfectants and include chlorine bleach, iodophores, sanitizers and bacteriostats.’
    • ‘Areas of emphasis will continue to include the development of sensitive and rapid detection methods, mathematical models to assess and predict microbiological hazards, use of natural products as bacteriostats or bactericides and seafood safety.’
    • ‘Engineered for a life of sea and sun its construction incorporates high calibre flame retardants, UV inhibitors, colourfast pigments and bacteriostats.’



/bakˈtirēəˌstat/ /bækˈtɪriəˌstæt/


Early 20th century from bacterium + Greek statos ‘standing’.