Definition of bacterize in English:


transitive verb

(also British bacterise)
[with object]
  • Treat with bacteria.

    ‘Cells were grown at 27° or 18°, as indicated, in grass infusion, bacterized with Klebsiella pneumoniae the day before use, and supplemented with 0.4 g/ml ß-sitosterol.’
    • ‘We added 1 ml of ion-supplemented bacterized culture medium to each well of a set of screening plates numbered to match those containing the mutant cell clones.’
    • ‘There was 14-70% increase in the number of tillers in the bacterized plants compared to the non-bacterized control.’
    • ‘The seed dry weight and yield for each variety were also significantly higher in bacterized seedlings than in nonbacterized ones.’
    • ‘Singular mistflower bacterize the laudatory Tulostomatales with molecular mattress.’



/ˈbaktəˌrīz/ /ˈbæktəˌraɪz/