Definition of baculovirus in English:



  • A member of a family of DNA viruses infecting only invertebrate animals. Some have a very specific insect host, and may be used in biological pest control.

    ‘Dietary phenolics also can inhibit insect pathogenic baculoviruses.’
    • ‘In the nuclei of caterpillar cells infected with baculoviruses, viral progeny multiply and are incorporated into protective polyhedron-shaped protein structures called occlusion bodies.’
    • ‘And baculoviruses don't kill pest insects as rapidly as chemical insecticides.’
    • ‘The team adapted the outer layer, or ‘coat,’ from a baculovirus, a virus that infects butterflies and moths, onto another modified virus.’
    • ‘This baculovirus is highly specific for mosquitoes and isn't known to be detrimental to people, plants, or wildlife.’



/ˈbakyəlōˌvīrəs/ /ˈbækjəloʊˌvaɪrəs/


1970s from Latin baculum ‘rod, stick’+ virus.