Definition of bad break in English:

bad break


  • A piece of bad luck.

    • ‘a weird coincidence and a bad break’
    • ‘My luck is average, with a couple of the bad breaks happening at crucial times.’
    • ‘Many of these individuals have experienced bad breaks in life, and have little way of getting out of the mess they are in.’
    • ‘One of the things I learned early is this: If you fall behind in a match or get a bad break, don't get flustered - or at least don't show your frustration to your opponent.’
    • ‘There are obviously many instances of good and bad breaks in basketball, but the end result of such events is not as taxing as with baseball and football.’
    • ‘I started to feel more comfortable in the middle of the match, but I had a few bad breaks.’
    • ‘While the Broncos shook off their sluggish start, the Texans allowed bad breaks early to translate into bad breaks throughout.’
    • ‘I got a few bad breaks which I compounded by lipping out putts.’
    • ‘Bridget rides them with defiant optimism, but both her bad breaks and her endearing buoyancy in dealing with them venture outside the real.’
    • ‘I had a few bad breaks but I think everybody is getting those.’
    • ‘A couple of bad breaks is all it takes, or just starting out with too little of everything.’
    • ‘Golf is a game of ifs and buts and it's a game of good breaks and bad breaks.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for the prosecution, when they actually got into trial, every time there was a break, it could have been a good break for them or a bad break.’
    • ‘A prudent investor knows that everybody needs a very conservative portion of their portfolio to fall back on if they have a bad break.’
    • ‘A couple of the goals came as a result of some bad breaks and were not his fault, including a second period goal that bounced off his own defenceman.’
    • ‘I'll admit we've taken some bad breaks, but that doesn't mean we have to look at everything in the worst possible light.’
    • ‘I thought we should have won the playoffs in 1972, but we got some bad breaks.’
    • ‘The team is on the other side of the horseshoe right now and getting some bad breaks.’
    • ‘After several bad breaks, Noah gets persuaded to try a gimmick.’
    • ‘But we're really hard-working, serious kids who just get bad breaks in life.’
    • ‘Every week it seemed like I was getting bad breaks.’


bad break

/bad brāk/ /bæd breɪk/