Definition of bad form in English:

bad form


  • An offense against current social conventions.

    ‘it was considered bad form to talk about money’
    • ‘After decades of being considered bad form, tales of imperial derring-do are making something of a comeback.’
    • ‘Although I was the most recent arrival in Indonesia of all the people working on Pacific Union, I appeared to be the only one who had read in a book on the country that it is considered very bad form to sit on a table.’
    • ‘I realize that it is considered bad form to make such a claim.’
    • ‘To bring reason to bear on it is considered bad form.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it is considered bad form to state the blindingly obvious; that Europe exhibits more signs of failure than of success.’
    • ‘It is considered very bad form indeed in the industry to ‘poach’.’
    • ‘It is therefore considered bad form to turn up with an article you found on the internet and presume to tell him exactly what he should prescribe for your rash.’
    • ‘While a certain level of high spirits is expected at these bashes, it is considered bad form to become overly tired and emotional.’
    • ‘It is also considered bad form to take this as an invitation to give a detailed description of your current problems.’
    • ‘In the Navy if you are having a drink in the bar it is considered bad form to talk about money.’
    • ‘This blurring of the line between editorial and advertising content would have once been considered very bad form - but these days it seems as if anything goes in the quest for online profits.’
    • ‘Until the 1990s, it was considered bad form, even in church-related law schools, to relate legal ethics to religious ethics.’
    • ‘It is considered bad form to charge personal calls to the room, use the in-room bar, or order pay-per-view movies or events.’
    • ‘All the students attended, near-riotously, and it was considered bad form for a faculty member not to be present.’
    • ‘It is purely voluntary, but is considered bad form not to accept.’
    • ‘Wearing ragged cutoffs and flip-flops is generally considered bad form at most business meetings.’
    • ‘Using e-mail to break up with your sweetheart is still considered bad form.’
    • ‘There was a time when it would be considered bad form for a chef to be seen by the customers.’
    • ‘At these parties, refusing somebody's advances is considered to be the height of bad form.’
    • ‘That ideology was not alien to the Russian political elite under Yeltsin either, but subscribing to it is now obligatory… In today's Russia it is bad form not to be a derzhavnik.’


bad form

/bad fôrm/ /bæd fɔrm/