Definition of bad guy in English:

bad guy


  • (especially in a work of fiction) a villain or criminal.

    • ‘though he'd played bad guys before, he was known as a romantic leading man’
    • ‘In this story there are no good or bad guys.’
    • ‘It was no longer suitable to just identify the bad guys by issuing them black hats.’
    • ‘Moviegoers delighted in seeing globetrotting heroes and heroines, fighting the bad guys and sipping wines in distant places.’
    • ‘The audience gets the satisfaction of seeing the bad guy get wasted.’
    • ‘Regarding Smeagol/Gollum: Why is it the bad guys always steal the show?’
    • ‘They think we are the bad guys and out to get them.’
    • ‘The bad guys are locked up, and the town is restored to order.’
    • ‘Tobosaku is the bad guy in the Japanese mythology who stole not only one but three peaches out of Seibo's garden.’
    • ‘The conflict is reported with a point of view that tends to strip such complex issues down to 'the good guys' and 'the bad guys'.’
    • ‘Once inside, he is discovered by the bad guys and the whole thing deteriorates into a messy shootout.’