Definition of bad news in English:

bad news

Pronunciation /bad n(y)o͞oz/ /bæd n(j)uz/


  • A person or thing that is regarded as unpleasant, unlucky, or undesirable.

    • ‘dry weather is always bad news for gardeners’
    • ‘Bad news is always hard but bad news on a beautiful sunny morning seems doubly burdensome.’
    • ‘His hard, dark orbs dart to and fro while he delivers a good news / bad news proposition.’
    • ‘Isn't there always bad news just when you think a project is going along nicely?’
    • ‘Now the counting is over and, as so often in life, we have good news and bad news.’
    • ‘If you want to avoid this process, then there's some good news and some bad news.’
    • ‘She didn't know whether the news was good news or bad news, and so she didn't react at all to it.’
    • ‘There is always some bad news somewhere and therefore always a reason not to invest.’
    • ‘I told him to stay out of it and let someone else be the bearer of bad news.’
    • ‘He then received a second call from her in the evening bearing the bad news.’
    • ‘The bad news for air passengers is that things are likely to get even worse.’
    • ‘But there is a world of time for bad news and we are only travelling together for a short time more.’
    • ‘The most frequent complaint I hear is that journalists present only the bad news.’
    • ‘I spent a lot of time getting ready for Halina the second time, but she had bad news when I arrived.’
    • ‘The bad news is nobody knows who will be the Chancellor in two or three weeks, if we have one.’
    • ‘If this commercial proposition proves wrong, it could be bad news for more than Scardino.’
    • ‘The bad news is that many companies do not have the depth of management to achieve this.’
    • ‘In Japan, the banks are in a terrible mess so we can only expect more bad news from Tokyo.’
    • ‘The bad news is that anyone who adores linear thinking will be in for a rough ride this month.’
    • ‘The bad news is that those of you still using version 4 or older browsers will not be able to see any of this.’
    • ‘This is bad news for poor organisations hoping to run it on ancient hardware.’