Definition of baddeleyite in English:



  • A mineral consisting largely of zirconium dioxide, ranging from colorless to yellow, brown, or black.

    ‘Having determined the age of the Ballachulish Igneous Complex, we now examine the behaviour of the U-bearing accessory minerals baddeleyite, zircon and monazite in the Ballachulish metamorphic aureole.’
    • ‘Interestingly, their first choice of name was brazilite, but that name had already been applied to the mineral baddeleyite.’
    • ‘The U content of these metamorphic baddeleyites is towards the low end of the range seen in igneous baddeleyite, but not sufficiently different to be diagnostic.’
    • ‘The element is almost invariably found in conjunction with ores of zirconium, especially zircon and baddeleyite.’
    • ‘Eudialyte occurs primarily along the margins of the leucosomes and is commonly found altered to catapleiite, baddeleyite, lavenite, paraumbite, and barytolamprophyllite.’



/ˈbadlēˌīt/ /ˈbædliˌaɪt/


Late 19th century named after Joseph Baddeley, English traveler, + -ite.