Definition of badderlocks in English:


plural noun

mainly Scottish
  • An edible seaweed with a long greenish frond and prominent midrib, occurring in northern Europe.

    Alaria esculenta, class Phaeophyceae

    ‘Barnacle and small mussels cover much of the rock with kelps such as dabberlocks on the lower shore.’
    • ‘The fronds of dabberlocks are often eroded by the savage battering they take from storms.’
    • ‘He asserts that the western ebru technique using badderlocks and soluble pigments does not achieve the same aesthetic quality and diversity of the traditional method.’
    • ‘White barnacles, blue-black mussels and red seaweed can also be found as well as pink corraline algae and a band of kelp which includes oarweed and dabberlocks.’
    • ‘Viscosity of the fluid used needs to be higher than that of the water, and for this purpose, several materials have been used over the years; badderlocks, linseed, quince seeds, okra, several celluloses (methyl-cellulose wallpaper fixer).’
    • ‘The northern species Alaria esculenta (dabberlocks) and Tectura testudinalis (common tortoiseshell limpet) have shown small retractions in their southern distributional limits and declines in abundance at populations close to these range edges, but the rate of recession is not as fast as the rate of advancement in southern species.’



/ˈbadərˌläks/ /ˈbædərˌlɑks/


Early 17th century (as baderlacks): of unknown origin.