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nounplural noun baddies

(also baddy)
  • A villain or criminal in a story, movie, etc.

    • ‘Sirius is the new baddie in this film, and having engineered the death of Harry's parents, he now wants to finish off their son.’
    • ‘Bobby is known for his role as the baddy in the panto but this year he has had to take a lesser role, due to his commitment as the show's director.’
    • ‘Successful stories need the texture of goodies and baddies, with characters going up or down.’
    • ‘Isaacs, best known for his turn as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, again proves adept as the baddie - his Hook is much more than a mere pantomime villain.’
    • ‘With his massive build, black beetling eyebrows and perma-frown he resembles a pantomime baddie.’
    • ‘With several hundred children it was quite a lively show, especially when the baddie crept up on the goodie in the film.’
    • ‘He's set to make his acting debut as a baddie in the new James Bond film, Casino Royale.’
    • ‘The baddies in power won, and the baddies out of power lost.’
    • ‘The rejection came just days after the Oscar winner publicly confessed she was desperate for a cameo as one of the show's baddies.’
    • ‘I don't play a lot of baddies, although I was an assassin in Hamish McBeth and a sort of baddie in EastEnders.’
    • ‘For a start, he can play the part of a tech villain from central casting: a vaudeville baddy so malevolent that the audience starts hissing as soon as he comes on stage.’
    • ‘You want to take them to a show where they can shout and scream and hiss and boo the baddy.’
    • ‘Isn't it strange that the word ‘Angel’ is used for the baddy?’
    • ‘So, as a signal at the simplest (one might even say basest) level to the viewer, the good guy wears a white hat, and the baddy wears a black hat.’
    • ‘Of course, every production has to have a baddie, some one to boo and hiss at, and this show was no exception.’
    • ‘Almost certainly stuff will be blown up in his new film, and Eccleston joins a long line of English actors who have been called upon to play Hollywood baddies.’
    • ‘You can look up the most wanted criminals all over the world at Most Wanted, a site that links up to law enforcement's desired baddies.’
    • ‘The antagonists are great caricatures of standard baddies; too bad we're supposed to take them seriously.’
    criminal, lawbreaker, outlaw, offender, felon, convict, jailbird, malefactor, wrongdoer, black hat, supervillain



/ˈbadē/ /ˈbædi/