Definition of badiaga in English:



  • A preparation of dried and powdered freshwater sponges of various species, formerly used (in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe) in making traditional medicines and cosmetics, and later in homeopathic remedies.

    In some early sources misidentified as an alga.



/bəˈdjɑːɡə/ /badɪˈɑːɡə/


Mid 18th century; earliest use found in Chambers's Cyclopaedia. From post-classical Latin and scientific Latin Badiaga, genus name and its etymon Russian bodjaga, †badjaga freshwater sponge (apparently 1728 or earlier, though not recorded in dictionaries of the language before 1780), cognate with Polish (regional) bodzięga, Ukrainian bodjaga, Belarusian badzjaga, from the Slavonic base of Old Church Slavonic bosti to stab + the Slavonic base of Russian -jaga, suffix forming nouns.