Definition of badlands in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbadˌlandz/ /ˈbædˌlændz/

plural noun

  • 1Extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation.

    • ‘One-hundred fifty years ago such herds could be found, not only in rugged mountain areas, but on badlands and river bluffs in the Northern Plains and canyon walls in eastern Oregon and the Southwest.’
    • ‘While surface erosion caused by water can produce dramatic landscapes in many badlands, a considerable amount of subsurface erosion in the form of tunnels can also occur.’
    • ‘Like those fictional cities, set against the fantasy geography of forests, mountains and badlands, it is a distinct point in space - it begins and it ends.’
    • ‘It is ideal for landscapes, like desert badlands or beaches, where you want to convey the tactile qualities of a subject.’
    • ‘As soon as they reached the barren badlands again, Nick landed quickly, releasing Sarah from his tight grip.’
    • ‘Before her eyes lay leagues of the jagged, sharp, treacherous land that made up the badlands of the Northron Continent - a land as harsh and unfeeling as the people who populated it.’
    • ‘The Villavieja Formation is the uppermost portion of the Honda Group, a 1250 meter thick collection of Miocene rocks located along the Magdalena River in the badlands of central Colombia.’
    • ‘Others who have written about this river have found the badlands along this eastern stretch below Judith more teeming with wildlife than the White Cliffs section.’
    • ‘It's like On the Road, except the roads are circular, confined to the reservation's scrubby badlands and a repellent Nebraska border town riddled with liquor stores.’
    • ‘The air was always this coarse in the badlands due to continuous sandstorms and complete lack of humidity in the air.’
    • ‘Town, river, badlands, and sky make up what I have come to think of as Cameron country, for the woman who turned this world into art.’
    • ‘To the west, the Cuyama River curls through corrugated badlands.’
    • ‘Once the attack was foiled, the column moved forward and eventually emerged on the plains beyond the badlands.’
    • ‘He takes her deep into the desert badlands, knowing that the ruler's henchmen will stop at nothing to rescue her and bring her back.’
    • ‘The green grass of the kingdom flashed past within a few minutes then we were flying overtop the desert badlands.’
    • ‘Yaola Four turned out to be a beautiful world, with vast steppes, forests and badlands.’
    • ‘Next weekend, haul out your sleeping bag, your camp stove and your bug repellent as Oasis, the party in the badlands, takes to the wilds of Drumheller in search of the perfect combo of beat manipulation, bonfires and marshmallows.’
    • ‘The badlands stretched for miles, but past this land was the most beautiful area anyone could possibly go, and this seemed to be the place that Tralgar wanted to go.’
    • ‘I ask the ranger about hiking the volcanic badlands.’
    • ‘We landed a mile or two past the badlands, in my old home land, and rested for the night.’
    wilds, wastes, uninhabited region, inhospitable region, uncultivated region, badlands
    1. 1.1the BadlandsA barren plateau region of the western US, mainly in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska, south of the Black Hills, noted for its harsh terrain.


Mid 19th century (originally US): translation of French mauvaises terres.



/ˈbadˌlandz/ /ˈbædˌlændz/