Definition of badly behaved in English:

badly behaved

Pronunciation /ˌbadli bɪˈheɪvd/


  • 1Of a person or animal: that (habitually) violates standards of proper or appropriate behaviour.

  • 2Of an object, phenomenon, etc.: having properties that do not conform to an expected, desired, or predictable pattern; (Mathematics and Physics) having complicated, irregular, or unusual properties that are not amenable to mathematical or numerical analysis; giving unsatisfactory or meaningless results under some particular operation. Contrasted with "well-behaved".

  • 3Computing
    Of a program: having an undesirable effect on a computer, either by accident as a result of an error, system compatibility problem, etc., or deliberately (for example in software designed to draw a computer user's attention to advertising by means that the user may find annoying). Contrasted with "well-behaved".


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Times. From badly + behaved.