Definition of bagless in English:



  • (of a vacuum cleaner) designed to operate without the use of a replaceable bag.

    ‘The tycoon, who was knighted in December 2006, revolutionised the domestic appliances market with the bagless vacuum cleaner.’
    • ‘Actually, many of the top names today offer bagless vacuums.’
    • ‘James Dyson, the man who invented the bagless vacuum cleaner, is knighted today for his services to business.’
    • ‘He is the originator of an idea - the bagless vacuum cleaner - which sparked off a global revolution in the home appliance market.’
    • ‘His idea for a bagless vacuum cleaner took the inventor to the brink of ruin.’
    • ‘The man behind the bagless Dyson vacuum cleaner is in Australasia to launch his company's latest innovation - a bladeless fan.’
    • ‘The inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, James Dyson, is to lead a debate at the Wroughton Science Museum this weekend.’
    • ‘This is where the true cost of a bagless system becomes revealed.’
    • ‘Lately, many uprights have adopted a bagless configuration with a see-through dirt bin that replaces the usual bag.’
    • ‘You'll also see a growing number of features like dirt sensors and bagless dirt bins as manufacturers attempt to boost performance.’
    • ‘This is clearly a selling point as most bagless vacs will remove over 99 percent of dust and allergens from the air.’
    • ‘Electrical appliance manufacturer Dyson yesterday launched what it claims is the biggest change to vacuum cleaners since it introduced bagless technology 12 years ago.’
    • ‘Of course, there are other considerations that come into play when choosing between a bagged or bagless system.’
    • ‘Five years and some 5,127 prototypes later, he had developed the world's first bagless vacuum cleaner.’
    • ‘How effective and "safe" is a bagless system?’
    • ‘So there's a new hoover, and this time it's bagless.’
    • ‘Most bagless vacuums have a filter, or filter system, that requires occasional cleaning and, eventually, changing.’
    • ‘Emptying the canister of a bagless system is far and away simpler and more convenient than detaching a bag.’
    • ‘Base models of bagless vacs can be purchased for around $80.00 and do not require the use and changing of a bag.’
    • ‘I wanted a cheap bagless upright cleaner made by someone I'd heard of.’



/ˈbaɡlis/ /ˈbæɡlɪs/