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‘The theatrical element of the show though never let up with various song and dance set pieces featuring trapeze artists, skateboarders, a tap dancer in top hat and tails, and even a dancing bagpiper.’
  • ‘She draws a klezmer band from Poland, a didgeridoo player from Australia, African dancers, and Scottish bagpipers, but the main competition comes from one family, all of whom have personal links to Her Ladyship.’
  • ‘South African dancers shimmied behind twirling American cheerleaders; pantomime dames cooled off in the shadow of giant stiltwalkers; and a New Orleans jazz band competed for people's ears with Scottish bagpipers from Oldham.’
  • ‘But however many bagpipers the organisers can persuade to march through New York as part of a record-breaking pipe band procession on Saturday, the whole basis of the festivities linking Scottish history with American is nonsense.’
  • ‘Three bagpipers led the way, filling the air with their haunting chords as family, friends and Sailors stretched out behind them along the winding, pebble-strewn path and across emerald-colored hills.’



/ˈbaɡˌpīpər/ /ˈbæɡˌpaɪpər/