Definition of Bahasa Malaysia in English:

Bahasa Malaysia


  • The official language of Malaysia.

    See Malay

    ‘In short, you have everything you need to practice and learn Bahasa Malaysia via a language exchange.’
    • ‘Don't be shy to ask friends to help and speak to you in Bahasa Malaysia on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Since I liked comparing Bahasa Malaysia with Bahasa Indonesia, I coined up a title for my paper.’
    • ‘Anyway I do agree with Firdaus that the distinction between Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia is purely political.’
    • ‘This model serves two purposes, that is, to test the capability of handling Bahasa Malaysia morphological analysis using ATEF and also to provide a first working model.’
    • ‘Utusan Malaysia has been spearheading a campaign for correct usage of Bahasa Malaysia.’
    • ‘Now, there is no doubt BM should be Bahasa Malaysia, not Bahasa Melayu.’
    • ‘Lah is a small yet prominent word in today's Bahasa Malaysia.’
    • ‘The following Kibbitzer pages cover language problems presented by students whose first language is Bahasa Malaysia.’
    • ‘Learn and practice your Bahasa Malaysia with a native speaker in a language exchange via email, text chat, and voice chat.’
    • ‘Our official national language is Bahasa Malaysia, not Bahasa Melayu anymore.’
    • ‘Throughout next month, all quarters, especially ministers and community leaders, should give priority to Bahasa Malaysia usage.’
    • ‘The term Bahasa Malaysia would instill a sense of belonging.’
    • ‘He said the term Bahasa Malaysia was introduced by Tunku Abdul Rahman after the country’s independence to inculcate a Malaysian identity.’
    • ‘The narrow nationalism attitude is hampering efforts to turn Bahasa Malaysia into a unifying language.’
    • ‘Ways are discussed in which these patterns may be related to the underlying linguistic structure of words in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Arabic.’


Bahasa Malaysia

/bəˌhäsə məˈlāZH(ē)ə/ /bəˌhɑsə məˈleɪʒ(i)ə/


From Malay bahasa ‘language’.