Definition of baht in English:


nounplural noun baht

  • The basic monetary unit of Thailand, equal to 100 satangs.

    ‘The further drop in the yen might weaken the baht to an unsatisfactory level.’
    • ‘The baht has been moving in the same direction as the yen but was less volatile.’
    • ‘Contributions to the nominated charities are already said to have topped half a million baht.’
    • ‘Despite the momentum toward recovery, the baht is fragile and the stock market moribund.’
    • ‘The project will involve hundreds of millions of baht and hundreds of trucks and shuttle buses.’
    • ‘Two of the tourists caused an accident while renting jet ski boats at 1,000 baht an hour.’
    • ‘This would mean they would all have to get together to oust me from our 4 million baht love nest.’
    • ‘This is done over a beer and generally we stay on for the 195 baht Steak Night dinner.’
    • ‘Let her overstay and let her pay for the overstays at the 200 baht a day going rate.’
    • ‘If I get duped out of a few baht, it is generally my fault for not being familiar with local customs.’
    • ‘One thing is for sure, I will put my last baht on the fact that none of the research team took either drug!’
    • ‘Then there is the likelihood of the baht slipping further against hard currencies.’
    • ‘Now if this is not enough one must report in every three months or face a hefty fine of 200 baht a day.’
    • ‘Do ask a lot of questions and never hand over a single baht unless you are satisfied with the answers.’
    • ‘But not a baht has had to be forked out in reward money because no one has been caught.’
    • ‘The government wants to see the baht stabilize, even if it will lead to a slight drop in exports.’
    • ‘Should the baht weaken further it is likely that local oil prices will continue to rise.’
    • ‘As a result the workers have to pay an extra 50 baht a day in rent until they pay their due rent.’
    • ‘A smaller proportion of the basket will be made up of the British pound, Thai baht and Russian rouble.’
    • ‘Importers and vendors of the film face penalties of up to six months in jail and a 21,000 baht fine.’



/bät/ /bɑt/


From Thai bāt.