Definition of bailee in English:



  • A person or party to whom goods are delivered for a purpose, such as custody or repair, without transfer of ownership.

    ‘the hirer is a bailee’
    • ‘As a matter of interpretation, the policies covered goods of third parties of which the claimants were bailees.’
    • ‘Interestingly, publishers might also require a bailee policy, depending upon the ownership rights of works kept on site.’
    • ‘Such relationships may include those between employer and employee, school and pupil, or bailor and bailee.’
    • ‘In such a case the securities are retained by the bank as a bailee, and not in the ordinary course of its banking business.’
    • ‘In short you are the bailee of the £10 and must act accordingly.’



/bāˈlē/ /beɪˈli/