Definition of bailor in English:



  • A person or party that entrusts goods to a bailee.

    ‘the bailor warrants that he has the right to transfer possession’
    • ‘Consent seems to me to be relevant only between the bailor and head bailee.’
    • ‘I do not think that it was the Crown case that this was a dispute between a bailor and a bailee.’
    • ‘Section 9 of the Act provides that there is an implied condition as to fitness for purpose where the bailor bails goods in the course of a business.’
    • ‘Seetahal, a former magistrate, said the responsibility of the bailor was to ensure that the accused appeared in court for trial.’
    • ‘Any contrary decision would make a serious and unjustifiable inroad on the rights of bailors, and for this inroad there does not appear to me to be any authority.’



/ˈbālər/ /ˈbeɪlər/