Definition of Baisakhi in English:



  • A Sikh festival held annually to commemorate the founding of the khalsa by Gobind Singh in 1699.

    ‘Guru Gobind Singh was formally installed Guru on the Baisakhi day of 1733 Bk / 29 March 1676.’
    • ‘A sense of camaraderie was all pervasive among members of the Sikh community when Baisakhi festival was observed in Tirupati for two days from April 14.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Sikh families in Kunduz can celebrate their religious Baisakhi festival for the first time in 15 years.’
    • ‘Thurrock's Asian population will be out in force on Sunday, April 20 at the annual Baisakhi festival.’
    • ‘So, Baisakhi is an important festival for the Sikhs because it is a formal celebration of the brotherhood of their community.’
    • ‘Vaisakhi, also spelled Baisakhi is a long established harvest festival in the Punjab.’
    • ‘Be it the festival of Baisakhi or a happy occasion of wedding, birthday etc., if it is a Punjabi party, it is not complete without Bhangra - anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘At the Lala Lajpat Rai Hall at the Coimbatore Punjabi Association, a select gathering had assembled to celebrate the festival of Baisakhi.’
    • ‘He also admitted in his deposition that the gathering at the Bagh was not a concentration only of rebels, but people who had covered long distances to participate in the Baisakhi fair.’
    • ‘Among the gathering, a large number were daily workers and artisans from the countryside and many visitors from adjoining villages who had come to the city for the Baisakhi celebrations.’
    • ‘It was a Baisakhi celebration with a difference.’
    • ‘Besides a display of posters that reflect the Baisakhi spirit, all customers walking into the store will be provided reading material on the festival.’
    • ‘Remember in the Baisakhi fair he defeated all the wrestlers in the area?’
    • ‘The wrappings of the Nishan Sahib flag post at most gurdwaras are also changed on Baisakhi.’
    • ‘Mumbai used to be our second home around Baisakhi every year, when the Aga Khan and the Bombay Gold Cup used to be held.’
    • ‘On Saturday, there was much rejoicing at the Gurudwara Singh Sabha at V. V. C. Layout, as over 500 devotees gathered to celebrate Baisakhi, the beginning of the New Year.’
    • ‘In April, over 20 Christian tribals near Malda re-converted to Hinduism on Baisakhi.’
    • ‘A bhangra by children to highlight the merriment of Baisakhi won a generous round of applause.’
    • ‘The restaurant, which opened to the public on Baisakhi day, has a very pleasing ambience with a seating style that woos people in groups, especially families who would like to eat out.’
    • ‘This was also the spirit as hundreds of people from the Sikh community gathered at the Gurudwara at Thevara to offer prayers on Baisakhi day on Sunday.’



/bīˈsäkē/ /baɪˈsɑki/


From Sanskrit Vaiśākha, denoting a month of the Hindu lunar year corresponding to April–May, regarded in some areas as the start of the new year.