Definition of baitfish in English:



  • A fish used as bait to catch a larger fish.

    ‘You don't get big fish without baitfish, and the latter are showing in better numbers recently beneath the rebuilt pier at San Luis Pass.’
    • ‘Do not stay in the water with blood around you. • Stay out of the water if fish blood or baitfish are present.’
    • ‘Those of us who went to bed at daybreak went down late in the morning to find the ship anchored and Frank and the early risers with the light tackle out catching small baitfish 3 and 4 at a time.’
    • ‘The only thing to do was to go back to bat-cave and catch some more baitfish.’
    • ‘An outgoing tide can sometimes be a lucky charm when a channel current sweeps all the baitfish through it and the predator fish line up and wait for them.’
    • ‘Gulls wheeled and pitched over abrupt flurries of small baitfish, and the ripe scent of feeding fish was in the air.’
    • ‘Our noses know no difference, but a baitfish's eyes say much about when it was caught.’
    • ‘Tiny baitfish feed on these amphipods, and the next point in the cycle provides food for larger fish, which in turn nurture popular gamefish, among others.’
    • ‘When you see squid or baitfish jumping clear of the water, bass wait below.’
    • ‘The water was cool and clear, and the strong current that broke around the pinnacle ushered in a parade of fish life: clouds of baitfish and anthias, along with a mix of jacks and barracuda.’
    • ‘It's a fish magnet, home to swirling schools of baitfish and snappers, multitudes of groupers, and more scorpionfish per square metre than I have ever seen before.’
    • ‘My recommendation is a 1 to 1.5m length of leader - this will allow your bait to represent a live or injured baitfish in the swells.’
    • ‘Not only is the Mackerel a great ultra light sporting fish in its own right, but it is also a baitfish capable of catching virtually every species of fish that swims around our shores.’
    • ‘The problem with casting livebaits, is that the impact with the surface can stun the baitfish and repeated casts reduce the bait's longevity.’
    • ‘The problem was that they were exceedingly clever fish, because they would take the baitfish and then chomp it all except the head and the hook.’
    • ‘Finally, the estuaries are teeming with forage; small baitfish and shellfish abound ‘back there,’ easy prey for revved-up reds and trout.’
    • ‘They can see hooks hanging out from the baitfish in clear water and they'll spook easily if they can see the bait isn't swimming just right.’
    • ‘Once a potentially productive area is located - keys include moving water, structure and baitfish - success depends on how long a person can stand in that one spot and cast.’
    • ‘Small kings travel in schools, and when you find a pack of them it's fairly easy to get hook-up after hook-up by trolling a plug through their midst or drifting a frozen baitfish into the school.’
    • ‘Common baitfish such as bluegill sunfish, threadfin shad and tilapia are short and stubby; the long, slim profile of the lure perhaps comes closest to matching a baby bass.’



/ˈbātfiSH/ /ˈbeɪtfɪʃ/