Definition of bajada in English:



  • A broad slope of alluvial material at the foot of an escarpment or mountain.

    ‘Cercidium microphyllum, a green-stemmed, drought - deciduous tree 3 to 5 m high, is a dominant woody legume on rocky slopes and bajadas throughout the Sonoran Desert.’
    • ‘Adjacent fans may merge to form a broad sloping surface, known as a bajada, at the foot of a mountain range.’
    • ‘High-density scrubs are found on lower bajadas, sloping less than 1.5%, whereas low-density scrubs occur on upper bajadas sloping more than 3%.’
    • ‘They grade both northward and southward into coalesced alluvial fans forming the bajada that flanks the margins of the mountains.’
    • ‘The closest major one to the south is Swallow Canyon, which features a large cottonwood grove out on the bajada (alluvial plain) in front of it.’
    • ‘She hasn't looked at the scenic mountain range, valleys, bajadas, washes, and hills all around her.’
    • ‘Periodic downcutting in many Quaternary valley settings is witnessed by bajadas comprising ‘nested’ marginal fans, river-cut terraces and perched fan inset surfaces.’
    • ‘These relationships are best illustrated in the Palomas Basin where up to three intercalated axial fluvial ‘wedges’ bevel the prominent bajada along the active fault-bounded Caballo Mountains.’
    • ‘Tectonic uplands bordering active faults are usually drained by steep catchments feeding alluvial fans, adjacent examples of which coalesce to define continuous bajadas (base-of-slope deposits).’
    • ‘Key distinguishing features are the presence of broadly horizontal erosion surfaces and overlying axial river alluvium inset into bajada deposits in the former case.’
    • ‘But the main barrier is the land itself, an expanse of sun-whitened, heat-hazed bajada telescoping the waist-high vegetation to nothing.’
    • ‘The flood of January I was a recurrence of the process that built the Montrose-La Crescenta bajada slope and the Glendale fan.’
    • ‘This tends to confirm that the bajada slope represents a major axis of species compositional change.’
    • ‘Ephemeral stream channels are organized hierarchically on the bajada slopes from the mountains to the valley bottoms.’
    • ‘All transects were located on the eastern bajada slope of Mount Summerford.’
    • ‘The very presence of ironwoods along a bajada slope may increase bird diversity by 63 percent.’
    hill, hillside, hillock, bank, rise, escarpment, scarp



/bəˈhädə/ /bəˈhɑdə/


Mid 19th century from Spanish, ‘descent, slope’.