Definition of bajillion in English:


cardinal number

informal mainly North American
  • An extremely large number (used for emphasis)

    • ‘I've still got a bajillion things to do’
    • ‘I feel like I should post about my weekend and reply to a bajillion comments, but I'm going to bed soon.’
    • ‘And I ask you this speaking as a guy and knowing that you've probably asked this question a bajillion times yourself.’
    • ‘That must have taken a bajillion years.’
    • ‘The hours had flown by, and the sky which had been bright and blue when we first met was now filled with a bajillion stars and a giant full moon.’
    • ‘She's published a bajillion books, and with more no doubt in the works has decided to use the web as the forum for her latest thoughts.’
    • ‘Ever since the trip to downtown last Saturday, I've wanted to return to a busy place, where you can walk and absorb a bajillion things at once, make impulse buys from toy vendors, and eat hot dogs of mysterious origins.’
    • ‘There are a bajillion websites that purport to interpret dreams, but most of them appear to utilize the scientific method commonly referred to as "guessing."’
    • ‘I have a gazillion bajillion things on my To Do List and not much time to do it in.’
    • ‘I'm a little sleepy and uploading these pics is taking a bajillion years so I'll leave this lot to amuse you for now and resume broadcasting tomorrow at some decent hour.’
    • ‘Whether it's millions, billions, trillions or bajillions, the dollar figures are so obscenely high that they no longer have any real understandable value.’
    • ‘Maranga said that the student society is hoping to build upon the success that UBC had with their U-Pass referendum, where about a bajillion students voted online.’
    • ‘There is this humungous king-sized bed with a bajillion pillows with monograms on them, and this huge Victorian chair and the biggest flatscreen ever.’
    • ‘One blog that is getting a bajillion comments is the ever-provocative CodeBlueBlog.’
    • ‘Parents like me who've seen these episodes a bajillion times may know better, but I consider it misleading when only one of the four episodes on the DVD has anything to do with Christmas.’
    • ‘There are a bajillion catfish restaurants in Hot Springs!’
    • ‘Eddie's commitment issues are nothing that we haven't seen a bajillion times before in other, better movies, and we really don't learn anything else about him.’



/bəˈjilyən/ /bəˈdʒɪljən/


1990s fanciful formation on the pattern of billion and million.