Definition of baked Alaska in English:

baked Alaska

Pronunciation /ˌbeɪkt əˈlæskə/


  • Sponge cake and ice cream in a meringue covering, cooked for a very short time.

    ‘we ate lobster and baked Alaska’
    • ‘she was carrying a baked Alaska’
    • ‘Puddings are delicious: baked Alaska, Chocolate Royale, fruit crumbles with their own jugs of custard.’
    • ‘For dessert, you can watch bleary-eyed as the waiters prepare faithful versions of crêpes suzette at the table and a flaming baked Alaska stuffed with sorbet and almond cake.’
    • ‘There is even an ice cream tempura - a Japanese version of baked Alaska.’
    • ‘But, as I tripped down this path littered with smoked lobster, pineapple baked Alaska, and cilantro daiquiris, I collected three truths to bring home to you, dear reader, from our nation's capitol.’
    • ‘Strawberry soup is merely a purée, and at $18.50, a baked Alaska rages on like the finale of Burning Man, only to blacken its meringue while still reeking of alcohol, leaving the ice cream inside hard enough to shatter the patio glass.’
    • ‘Steakhouse gluttons might enjoy the baked Alaska (with Meyer lemon), but I thought it tasted like something out of the back of an ice-cream truck.’
    • ‘The baked Alaska of mango and raspberry sorbet with a meringue topping was impressively set afire in flaming sambuca, but the fruity flavours were so strong that the result was garish.’
    • ‘My partner, though, gobbled up her creme caramel and some of my baked Alaska.’
    • ‘There, too, the darker pundits were coming to pretty much the same conclusion as Bill Gates: The new iMacs, while pretty in a baked Alaska kind of way, aren't going to return Apple to its glory days.’
    • ‘He later founded and sold a company that provided cable-TV programs for college students, such as a late-night cooking show that once demonstrated how to make baked Alaska with a blowtorch.’
    • ‘This monumental work began to resemble a baked Alaska as flaming vodka coursed from the upper levels, eroding the terraces, and prompting the fire brigade to join the eager spectators.’
    • ‘They'll be free to dive into the midnight dessert buffet, but a card listing the carb counts of favorites such as baked Alaska will be discreetly left on their pillows.’
    • ‘Over baked Alaska, Mr Brown-Lee informed Alicia that he would be attending a ball next week, held in honour of a colleague's fortieth wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘Champions offers no dance floor or meeting rooms or, as Burke enjoys saying, baked Alaska on the menu to burn the place down.’
    • ‘He was heard gasping as the steaming composer was steered back to his baked Alaska, simmering with force majeure.’
    • ‘According to Environment Canada, greenhouse gases have turned our north into a baked Alaska.’
    • ‘The smoke of the fire stung his eyes, the cold and the whisky left him like a baked Alaska, alternately burning and freezing.’
    • ‘How can someone possibly know whether they can actually make a baked Alaska if they have only ever written about one?’